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Best Goal Setting and Tracking Apps to Achieve Your Aims in 2021

Even the most ambitious and successful of us face the difficulties of setting goals and achieving one's aims, especially if you couldn't find a perfect app to support you! A proper life-management system is key to self-efficacy and balance both in your personal life and career. Here, we review several apps that can provide you with great tools for achieving your goals, combating procrastination and replenishing your motivation.
Remaining committed to our goals is difficult — we've all learned that hard way. Goals like "get a better job" or "receive a promotion" are so ambitious or vague that one will never find heads or tails of how to approach it. You always need an action plan, not just phantasies and wishes. There are a bunch of useful techniques that help you recognize your goals, break them into smaller tasks, and prepare a timeline for these changes. For example, you can make your goals more specific by using the SMART-technique by George T. Doran. The acronym SMART stands for defining your goals as Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based.
setting smart goals for a better result
two women using goal-setting apps on their smartphones
Multiple coaching programs, psychological tests, and complicated systems that swear to help one realize genuine goals and aid with making first steps. To name but a few: David Allen's Getting Things Done or the "Wheel of Life" technique. Making your way through these systems can be confusing, time-consuming, or even pricey.

In these apps, all these systems are already in your phone, just a few clicks away!
8 Apps that help you set, track, and achieve goals
Writing the goals down, visualizing, and accounting for them in front of a community are powerful tools for goal-setting and achieving. Apps that offer these techniques are more likely to help you succeed with your personal or business goals. These apps also provide you with tips, readings, motivational quotes, games, reviewing systems, or concentration timers — everything that brings you closer to your aims. Most of these apps use a goal-tracker system in which you log your achievements and daily habits. Mountains are moved by in small steps, so better start doing it now instead of waiting for a genie to take care of everything!

Goal Setting Tracker Planner

Available on iOS and Android for free with an optional premium subscription ($6.99 per month or $36.99 per year)
With this tracker and planner, sticking to your goals and promises won't be as challenging as it used to be. After the initial step of assessing your life's reality and personal identity, you set goals in various spheres — like career, relationship, or lifestyle. Goal Setting Tracker Planner teaches you to set SMART goals that are specific, relevant, and measurable. You will also choose several milestones to set the direction of your journey and a number of daily routines to ensure a productive day. It's lovely to have all your goals stored in one place and to be able to account for the process through visualizations in graphs and pictures.

This Goal Setting app also urges you to break your goal into smaller manageable steps (such as reading a book, spending 30 minutes on learning a new language, etc.), which you can log to the tracker. You can also reflect on your emotions and ideas in a journaling and notepad sections, smartly arranged into several categories. For a bit of inspiration, you can also listen to Brian Tracy's coaching sessions full of illuminating tips.

This app will not suit you if you don't like accounting for every single step. The app is pushing you to perform great in every sphere and become an overachiever. However, when one sets on making considerable changes or pursuing ambitious goals, failures are unavoidable. Instead of punishing oneself for not achieving something, one should kindly recognize the mistakes, analyze, and learn from them. In any case, Goal Setting Tracker Planner is an excellent tool to help you achieve your goals, but don't make the app overrule your choices and emotions.

Vervo - Goal Tracker & Planner

Available on iOS and Android for free
It is an ultimate free app that combines all the necessary features for goal-setting and habit tracking. You can use it for defining long-term goals or apply it as a daily time-management tool. The app is also well-suited for tracking your business aims, financial goals, or planning family trips and other events. To make the process easier, one can set reminders and compile daily to-do lists.

However, Vervo is different from other time-management or to-do list apps. Here, you can share your goals with your friends or the whole community of goal-setters. It makes you socially accountable and helps you find motivation in others. Among its features, there is a customizable mood board to keep you inspired and a journal to account for your journey towards completing a goal.

Since Vervo is a goal tracker and not a goal-setting coach, don't expect much help in finding your way through your life; the app is suitable mostly for tracking. Its developers claim that they've used insights from scientific research for this app. Unfortunately, they don't provide much information about the scientific foundations of the app, but it's a minor thing. Vervo is exceptionally useful and has excellent reviews, and its score is 4.9 on AppStore! You won't bump into any ads or in-app payments — Vervo is one of the best goal-tracking options one can find for free.

goalmap: SMART goal setting

Available on iOS and Android for free with an optional premium subscription ($8.99 per month or $45.99 per year)
Goalmap is another goal-tracker that helps you set and account for your goals, whether these are personal or professional, achieved individually or in a group. Compared to Goal Setting Tracker, it has fewer additional functions. Still, for some of us, it's for the best — one will be concentrated on the essential things only.

Customizable reminders will help you to stay on track, and statistics — to know your personality better. For its premium users, the app has a vast coaching library in store, full of motivational readings and podcasts. How can one resist listening "Sitting is the new smoking. Let's move!"?

This goal-setting doesn't help you identify what goals are necessary for you at the moment and which are invented by your immediate surroundings or social media. You will have to do this self-analysis before downloading goalmap. But the app does its job of setting and tracking goals above all praise. When you know what your lifestyle or professional goal is but you just fall into the procrastination abyss — goalmap is there to help you.

LifeWheel: Smart Goal Tracker

Available for iOS for free with an optional subscription ($4.99 per month or $19.99 per year)
The "Wheel of Life" is a common technique in psychology, coaching, and self-help systems used to visualize your life and its different spheres. One could see at once the level of satisfaction with every aspect of one's life and start pondering what needs to be improved or changed. Maybe you will realize that everything is satisfactory, and you don't need to opt for any life-changing turns. Instead, you will aim at acquiring a few new habits for a healthier lifestyle. Anyway, this tool is an essential first step before the actual goal-setting.

This app applies this technique — by answering a small set of simple questions, you will get an analysis of your life spheres. A pie-chart shows if your life is balanced or not, and which areas could need some improvement. Then you start with setting goals that can potentially improve one of the aspects. The disappointment comes when you realize that the app doesn't give you any suggestions on how to set goals. Indeed, if I need to improve my career path, what would be my goal? If I knew, I would have already done it.

When you complete setting goals, you go on with splitting these more significant aims into attainable tasks and habits. You can later track them with LifeWheel too, although it might not be the best goal-tracking app. However, if you want to find a balance in your life and evaluate the whole picture before committing to specific goals — get LifeWheel for your first step.


Available for iOS for free with an optional premium subscription (one-time payment of $4.99)
Our lives are full of "to-do's" and other obligations to the extent that our wishes remain somewhere in the background. But Accomplish finally provides us with appropriate space for keeping track of our "want-to-do's". It works similarly to a habit tracker, but here you concentrate on long-lasting and intermediary goals. One can fully customize the app's interphase by adding images, motivational notes of your choice, and regular reminders (the latter are available only with a premium subscription).

However, this app, like many other goal-trackers, has a pitfall for us in store. One will start writing out everything that's in their heads: doing yoga, learning Spanish, cooking a new dish every weekend, saving for a vacation, calling your relatives more often, and so on. However, some of these goals might not be urgent, and one couldn't strike for all these aims at once. For avoiding this overburdening with goals, a 5/20 technique is recommendable, especially when using Accomplish. First, write down your 20 wishes, then arrange them according to your priorities and desires. Then, you should continue working only on the top-five goals and forget about the 15 goals below — you shouldn't spend your resources on them.

In the end, the app has the necessary functions and design to track your bucket list in one place, while at the same time keeping you inspired and motivated. Users evaluated this app as "Simple but impactful" — this is indeed what Accomplish is.

Thrive - Goals Ideas Decisions

Available for iOS for $2.99
Thrive is an essential productivity app, totally worth its price of a cup of coffee. In a nutshell, the app helps you to tackle challenging goals, make decisions, and store your ideas. One part of it works as a goal-setting tool. After you set an initial goal, you break it into steps, then you keep track of your accomplishments or modify your action plan when obstacles arise. One can choose a suitable timeline for any goal or project, even as long as a few years.

The app also gives you access to its library of inspirational examples. But the best thing is yet to come — its focus timer helps you concentrate on a single step for a specified period. It is a great tool to tackle procrastination, similar to the Pomodoro technique. Thrive also helps you to evaluate the impact of your choices by visualizing them and questioning every sphere that will be affected. This technique is beneficial when contemplating changing a career path or moving to another city.

The app's philosophy is a key feature here: Thrive doesn't trick you into believing that achieving goals is easy. Together with you, the app accounts for all the difficulties and hard work involved. To make it clear — this app is not a habit- or a goal-tracker since it doesn't use reminders, which might be disadvantageous for some users. This tool is perfect for thoughtfully setting your goals and will be praised by those, whom daily tracking apps drive into melancholy and apathy.

Goal Hunter - Goal setting app

Available on iOS and Android for free
Finding out what your aims are, setting goals, and achieving them sounds easier in a game-like environment? If you think so — try the Goal Hunter app, which is a mix of a quest game and a goal-setting tool like the ones described above.

Goal Hunter adopts the SMART goals system: as soon as you start the "game", it guides you through the process of breaking your goals into steps and milestones. After all the goals are set, the fun part starts. You are a character in the game, whose quest is to accomplish the goals you've just set — they all appear on a treasure map. Being on a quest keeps you accountable and motivated: for example, when you achieve a goal, you are rewarded with game points.

Although Goal Hunter's oldish interface might not be appealing in the beginning, it has its charm. People who used it for goal-setting love it (4.8 stars on AppStore); one of the users shared that Goal Hunter helped them to fight the gaming addiction. If you are not interested in gamification, it might not be your thing (one can find more equipped and neatly designed free goal-trackers). But if you enjoy a challenging game atmosphere, check it out. Maybe sending job applications or going for a run won't be such a nightmare anymore but a part of an exciting quest.

PurposeColor: Goal Setting App

Available on iOS and Android for free
PurposeColor holds that focusing on inspiration is the key to successful goal-setting and accomplishments. The app aids users by visualizing their goals and regular journaling. As a bonus, PurposeColor provides you with tools to enhance your mental strength.

The app handily combines the functions of a goal-tracker and a diary, which helps you pay attention to the process of goal achieving. By using its journaling function, you can find out what you like, what drives you crazy, and what is not your thing. Potentially, you should be brave enough to reject some of the goals when you understand that they are not a part of your essential purpose. Another cool feature is the possibility of connecting to like-minded people to share your developments and difficulties.

The other side of the coin is that the app keeps an overachiever tone and doesn't take into account inevitable difficulties. You also can't categorize goals according to personal, health, or career-related spheres. Although it has its shortcomings, PurposeColor is a functional free app to store your goals and keep track of your achievements.
motivational quotes offered by goal setting and tracking apps
Our personal favorite is Thrive – Goals Ideas Decisions: the app is reasonably priced and offers you a fantastic set of tools. It doesn't overwhelm you with an overachieving mindset and hourly reminders, asking you to account for every glass of water you drink and every page you read. It also aids you concentrating on what really matters and helps you avoid setting goals that don't belong to you. If feeling lost and not knowing which sphere of your life needs an urgent fix, you should go through the first steps of LifeWheel.

If you are looking for a business goal setting app, Vervo has the essential functionality for setting smart goals and an option of sharing aims among team members. Another good free goal setting system is Goal Setting Tracker Planner. Whatever you choose, 2021 is the time to stop drifting mindlessly throughout your life or being tricked by ambitious and yet not attainable goals that remain mere dreams. With a proper goal setting and life management system, you can give yourself a clear perspective of what needs to be done and remain motivated and accountable for the process.