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Best Fitness Apps for Workouts Anywhere, Anytime

Fitness apps are essential for accounting for your movements and leading an active lifestyle. Don't think that workout apps are made only for athletes who can run a marathon or endure an hour-long HIIT workout. Many of the apps described below are excellent for beginners and those who still struggle to introduce physical activity in their lives! You can choose low intensity or short workouts and explore diverse types of exercises to find what suits you best. Whatever your goal is for staying active, these fitness apps are of tremendous help: to create a routine, to keep track of your workout plan, and to explore new activities.
Fitness apps provide you with a systematic plan, help integrate exercises into your daily routine, and ensure that you get enough of movement.
Among the tons of different fitness apps, it can be tough to figure out which one best fits your lifestyle and goals. Usually, apps all fall into four bigger groups depending on their functionality: distance and fitness tracker apps, gym workout apps, home workout apps, and habit trackers with integrated fitness plans. The last two groups are suitable for those who are still hitting the road of regular physical activities. The apps offer home workouts without any expensive equipment, and the variety of fitness plans allows you to jiggle around with the length and type of activities. For precisely these purposes — here is a hand-picked list of the best fitness apps!
Not all of the popular fitness apps are in line with our values described here. Many programs are obsessed with weight-loss and calorie-tracking, which might not be the healthiest approach. However, these apps provide you with a professional workout system, social accountability, and regular practice guidelines. In any of these apps, you find a collection of physical exercises, often compiled into lessons of a varied length, from 2 minutes to an hour. For ambitious and determined users, premium versions often include monthly or yearly workout wellness plans. Some of the workout apps also integrate wellness and mindfulness routines, offering you meal plans, meditations, or sleep tracking. These are perfect for tuning not only your body but your mind too.
exercising at home with a fitness app

VERV: Home Workout Planner

Available on iOS with a 7-day free trial period
In VERV, there are plenty of activities to choose from — HIIT workouts, yoga, or guided walking. They are all ranged according to different experience levels and your needs. Whether you want a 7-minute workout or something more suitable for an older adult, VERV has something to offer. You can choose from plenty of short single workouts or more extended training programs, depending on your goals.

Since this fitness app promotes a holistic approach, it comes with a bunch of meditations (to tune you up or enhance your sleep) and a healthy recipe book (a nice bonus!). "Just What I've Been Looking For!!", as its users swear by.

However, the app pushes the "weight-loss" mentality way to eagerly — be mindful of avoiding this hook. Another disadvantage of VERV is its price: you should indeed take advantage of this one week of a trial period to make sure you really want it. And it might too short of a time when you are only exploring the world of physical activity. All in all, it is one of the biggest exercise libraries with more than 900 various workouts! It also comes with a distance tracker (and several walking and running plans), various playlists, and full Apple Watch integration.

FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans

Available on iOS and Android for free with an optional premium subscription
FitOn fitness app for home workouts
FitOn is a perfect fit for those who are new to working out with fitness apps. This program has an abundant collection of various activities that are always available for free. You can try stretching, dancing, or HIIT, all open for multiple levels, including pre- and postnatal programs. Additionally, you can get personalized plans and set up activity goals (we recommend choosing to tone up or reduce stress). Its users reveal an enormous amount of motivation, sticking to a selected program for more than a few months!

The secret is that the app is not demanding: it offers effective daily workouts as short as 3 or 5 minutes. One can do next to your office desk, which is incredibly helpful for setting up a routine. Although the workouts are free, you can choose to support FitOn by getting a premium subscription. As a bonus, you will receive access to music, free plans, and a possibility to use the app offline. However, none of these features are essential.

It is disadvantageous that the app does not track the distance you walk or run, so it is harder to get a full picture of your daily activities. The app is solely devoted to working out at home, without offering meditations and other mindful guidance. Moreover, FitOn introduces some elements of competitiveness which won't suit everybody. Nevertheless, FitOn gets as perfect as a simple free fitness app can be.

Asana Rebel: Get in Shape

Available on iOS and Android with a premium subscription
You are offered a fantastic library of yoga-inspired workouts of different intensity (starting from 5 minutes) and various styles. Asana Rebel is a great tool to explore different options and find something for your liking, especially if you are a beginner. But there is much more than that: you get plenty of meditations and a collection of relaxing tunes for focused working or for falling asleep.

Moreover, Asana Rebel can become your daily planner and a habit tracker! Its integrated function of a regular plan helps you design a routine and integrate not only physical activities but also a bunch of other healthy habits you've been aiming for.

On the downside, the app does not have a free trial to help you decide whether it is suitable for you or not. At the same time, the subscription is rather pricey, especially if all those bugs reported by its users are valid. If you are new to home workouts, this app is a bit of an overstretch, and you should turn to free alternatives. However, if the demanded price is alright for you, enjoy the app, especially its mindfulness and daily planning functions.

Sworkit Fitness & Workout App

Available on iOS and Android with a 7-day free trial period
This fitness app is ideal for a hectic day. Its customizable workouts can be squeezed in any busy schedule — you choose the length yourself. Sworkit has a wide range of activities, and it depends solely on your mood and preferences whether today you are up for a 40-minute long strength workout or some 5-minute stretching!

This fitness app is excellent for beginners and those who prefer to perform exercises at home. With Sworkit, you can easily account for your progress, select your own plan, and even chat with a professional fitness coach. Getting expert advice is a terrific opportunity for people with special needs.

The workouts are available only with a subscription, though you have a week to test the app. Also, be ready for a simple app. You won't get any music, meal plans, or other unique features that are commonly included in fitness apps. However, this laconic brevity might be a bonus worth-paying for — the app makes you concentrate only on the essential thing. And some good news for parenting users — all programs for kids are now available for free, no subscription is needed.

7 Minute Workout: Fitness App

Available on iOS and Android for free
The philosophy of this app is that seven minutes is enough for building an active lifestyle — a claim that is based on research. 7 Minute Workout is ideal for beginners and for those who are only trying if exercising at home is their cup of tea. The workout app gives detailed video instructions and audio guidance for any of its programs, ranging from beginner level to more specific plans. More advanced users can create their own workout routine and choose target-areas. Those who have tried 7 Minute Workout agree that the app thoroughly guides you through all the movements and explains how to do them, so you don't have to google what is a burpee.

This fitness app is straightforward, don't expect much beyond just a collection of 7-minute workouts. Unfortunately, the app does not have a toolkit (like a habit-tracker) to help you stay motivated. Moreover, the app does not account for any injuries you might have or your health state. You might opt for an app with more specialized workouts if you are in a fragile physical state. Some apps provide prenatal programs, while others have exercises for older adults or offer consultations with a coach).

All in all, it's a very user-friendly and an exceptionally straightforward fitness app that is loved by its users (4.8 stars on AppStore). The best thing is that it is absolutely free.
doing yoga at home with a fitness app
Many of these fitness apps are excellent for beginners and those who still struggle to introduce physical activity in their lives!

Daily Yoga: Workout & Fitness

Available on iOS and Android with a 7-day free trial period
There is no need to tell you about the benefits of yoga — you should try it first, and then you will see for yourself. The best thing is that yoga addresses both your body and mind and harmonizes the relationship between these two parts. Daily Yoga is a wonderful app to include yoga practices in your day, even if you have as little as 10 minutes. It offers different programs or single sessions for all levels, including maternal programs and guided meditations. There is also a unique program that nicely covers all the fundamental asanas, so a way to go for newcomers!

The best feature is that Daily Yoga keeps track of your sessions and provides personalized data reports. By downloading this app, you also join its community, and it's much better to acquire new habits among like-minded people. Through Daily Yoga, you can participate in workshops with professional coaches from your yoga mat at home. The app is also available in many languages and can help tune you up with yogi music.

Daily Yoga offers a 7-day trial period to check its programs; sadly, only the basic week-long program is available for free. Although the app is definitely cheaper than visiting classes at yoga studios, it is somewhat pricy, especially knowing the amount of free YouTube workouts. One more disappointment is that the Daily Yoga app has a lot of weight loss programs, although the yogi approach is far from being tuned up for weight loss.

Pilates Anytime

Available on iOS and Android with a 7-day free trial period
Pilates is a fantastic system for setting your posture and getting the essential movements. It is totally suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users. When practicing Pilates, you won't be sweating in pain (which is very unsettling for many of us) — the program is indeed about your comfort and harmony. Pilates Anytime is one of the best ways to practice this fitness system: the app has a variety of classes of different intensity. You can also create your signature perfect routine using their library of postures — your workout can be 100% customizable. You can also broadcast workouts on any device or access them offline.

Pilates Anytime suits for long-term usage: their team is adding new classes every week so you will never get bored. You don't require any equipment, but if you have resistance bands or a bolster, you can pick a Pilates class that uses these tools. The app also sets various challenges for you and keeps track of your progress.

Pilates Anytime walks in the same pitfall as many other workout apps: the trial period of a week is not generous at all. If you are just getting used to this workout style, it is barely enough to get a taste of it, especially when afterward you'll be charged as much as 18$ a month. It is much less than opting for in-person classes, but we would opt for a more extended trial period (and many users do agree!). So far, this excellent app is advisable for those who can either easily afford it or is already committed to Pilates.

Barre Workouts | Down Dog

Available on iOS and Android with a paid subscription
Are you up for something extraordinary? Then try these ballet-inspired workouts. Down Dog offers detailed video instructions, guiding you through all postures and sequences of movements. Don't get fooled by the seeming easiness of the dancing part — Barre is an intensive workout, targeting specific body parts. When you become experienced in barre workouts, you can try creating your own program based on your mood and music preferences. With Barre Workouts, it's so easy to dance, get toned, and discover something beyond traditional workouts. Of course, all their courses are suitable for at-home practice.

Down Dog offers many quality fitness apps, and Barre Workouts is not an exception (by the way, Down Dog has an entirely free beginner yoga app. Down Dog invites the best coaches to develop their fitness programs and regularly updates their library so you will never get bored. Users' testimonies are revealing — this workout app has 4.9/5 on AppStore and is enjoyed by all ages and genders.

Although it is totally legit to pay for excellent content they provide, Barre Workouts does not offer any trial period. However, when dealing with such a novel workout style, one should always check if it is fitting at all.

Fabulous — Daily Self Care

Available on iOS and Android with a 7-day free trial period
Fabulous is made to help you build lasting habits — staying physically active can be one of them! In general, the app helps you to realize which areas of your life need more attention, motivates you, and ensures you stay energized. It supports you with meditations, informative articles, and very inspiring graphics.

You can use this app together with any workout apps described above or on its own. The app has integrated programs, such as a bunch of 7-minute workouts, yoga classes, or 1-minute "just get moving" plans. In any case, if you choose to include an active lifestyle into your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, get this app. Fabulous helps you stay on track, supporting you with meditation and other mindful practices.

However, if you are tuned for more intensive and varied workouts, you should opt for a proper fitness app since Fabulous has a somewhat limited library. This app is targeted at those who need to develop a routine. If reserving time for physical activity throughout a week is not a problem for you, you should save 10$ a month and turn to the workout apps described above.

So far, there is no ideal fitness app that would offer you not only a variety of exercises but also promote mindfulness, acceptance, and no-dieting mindset. With its daily care plans, Fabulous app gets quite close: the app will teach you to stay active without imposing judgments on your body and strength. However, it is not perfect as a fitness app per se since it has a limited exercise library. VERV and Asana Rebel also do a fantastic job of supporting your activity plan with meditations and coaching, promoting a more holistic approach. If you are not ready to invest in a paid subscription, choose FitOn — it is a totally free fitness app with essential functionality. Other apps in this list are useful for providing a catalog of exercises and expanding your understanding of moving, so feel free to explore. Leading an active lifestyle is possible in many different ways, and these fitness apps are here to confirm that. We hope you can find pleasure in some of those activities and build a routine of a mindful, active lifestyle!